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CYBERSKIN DREAM DICKThe Cyberskin Dream Dick is a bigger version of the common Cyberskin penis. This model appeals to women who like a little stretching and stuffing but still demand the highest quality sex toy money can buy.

This Dream Dick is an aptly named luscious experience, bigger than life; just as soft as life. It might not look real, but turn out the lights, add a few drops of warming lubricant and you will hardly know it is a dildo. Let your imagination run wild in secret fantasy with one of the best, biggest Cyberskin sex toys for women.

It is hard to describe the feel of a full Cyberskin penis, inside feels denser than the exterior layer, it can bend, but you would expect it to yell "ouch" as a man would say - hence its realistic bending qualities. The dense testicles wait below for when the urge strikes to reach down and give them a squeeze.

A realistic experience treats the user there too! It has all been covered and accounted for providing a true to life experience - only in a bigger and longer package.

The suction base helps to keep him in place to do some stripper squats - after all every woman has a secret naughty urge inside that just dying to get let out every once in a while!

Product Features

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Total Length: 9 inches
Insertable Length: 6 inches
Diameter: 2 inches
Material: Cyberskin
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes


78 $

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